February 2019 Funny Stories

Our car battery died, so my dad asked me put the charger on it. When I plugged in the charger, I noticed the cord wasn’t quite long enough to reach the car. My solution was to get the key and move the car closer to the house. It wasn’t until I tried starting the car that I realized my idea was flawed.
Nehemiah Hein, Cotopaxi

The math teacher asked 9-year-old William, “If you have $20 and I ask you if I can borrow $10, how much will you have left?”
William quickly answered, “I’d have $20.”
The teacher said, “But I asked you for $10.”
William calmly replied, “You can ask me but that does not mean I am going to give it to you!” (Out of the mouths of children.)
Penny Hamilton, Granby

My 8-year-old granddaughter Amelia hears her veterinarian parents talk about animal care so her vocabulary surprises me at times, but not quite like the time we were talking about her 3-year-old cousin Linnae. We were chatting about teeth when I told Amelia that the dentist found a cavity in Linnae’s teeth that would have to be treated. She thought about this for a second and then asked if Linnae would need euthanasia. She laughed when I reminded her that she meant anesthesia.
Robert P. Gocke, Jr., Boulder

About three years ago I was telling my son about something I had done. He inquired about my actions and I told him, “I was an angel.”
Ever the quick thinker, he responded, “Lucifer was an angel once, too!”
Cheryl, Dove Creek